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Falarica was founded by industry experts with a combined experience of more than 50 years in the field of BigData, Distributed Computing and Cloud technologies. In the past the team has played a pivotal role in building enterprise grade softwares like GemFire(Apache Geode), GemFireXD and SnappyData and along the way have helped clients build big data platforms using their technologies and other open source products like Apache Spark, Kafka, Presto, Kubernetes, Hadoop etc.

Falarica aims to transform businesses by embracing appropriate cutting edge data strategy and solutions using open source data products, cloud-native technologies and cloud data platforms in the fastest, most reliable and cost-efficient way.


Cost efficient and simplified analytics in a multi/hybrid cloud


Businesses are adopting a multi/hybrid cloud approach because either the data is distributed across clouds or each cloud has its own set of benefits. Microservices are the first to take advantage of the multi/hybrid cloud approach. Now, BigData analytics which need a lot of resources need to adopt this approach too. Our mission is to enable BigData analytics in a multi/hybrid cloud to optimize costs while providing the same experience as that of a single cloud.