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A Query Platform for multi/hybrid Cloud

Ad Hoc analytics is helping businesses to gain insights in real time. Ad Hoc analytics using modern tools is simplifying the data pipelines which are complex to build and hard to maintain. Unlike pipelines, resources needed for executing ad hoc workloads can't be pre-provisioned and that is where multiple businesses are struggling. Falarica Query Platform, a hybrid cloud query service, resolves this issue by automatically provisioning the resources across clusters during the peak workloads and taking them down when not needed. At the same time, Falarica Query Platform provides a rich feature set of a query service.

Workload Isolation

Isolate your noisy users/teams

Cloud Burst

Burst your workloads to the cloud or to a different cluster

Cost efficiency

Efficient utilization of resources across clusters. Overall cost not tied to the total data processed

Workload aware routing

Route query to an appropriate cluster based on the current workload and query plan

Single pane of glass

Single endpoint for your end users to run, manage and monitor workloads. A dashboard to analyze your query workloads

Why Falarica Query Platform

Cost Savings

Time Savings


Fast insights to business

Increased Productivity

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