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Presto Operator by Falarica is a Kubernetes Operator for Presto to manage Presto clusters which are deployed as custom resources. In short, the task of configuring, creating, managing, automatically scaling up and scaling-in of Presto cluster(s) in a Kubernetes environment has been made simple, easy and quick.

From Kubernetes documentation

Operators are software extensions to Kubernetes that make use of custom resources to manage applications and their components. Operators follow Kubernetes principles, notably the control loop.

For more information on Kubernetes’ ‘Operator Pattern’ please visit the kubernetes official documentation


Presto Gateway is a Rule based query router for PrestoDB/PrestoSQL query. It sits in front of multiple or single presto clusters and becomes the interface for users. It can be used as a Load Balancer as well as a proxy.

Other advantages of using Presto Gateway

• It provides a single UI interface for all the queries executed across the clusters.

• Ensures High Availability in case of planned as well as accidental downtime.

• Load balance your clusters using rules which balances the load across the clusters.

• Having Rule based approach can also help in giving priority to a particular clusters.

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