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There is a tremendous value buried in the data sets. BigData analytics has proved effective in realizing this value in the last few years. At the same time, Kubernetes has helped multiple customers to build their applications by abstracting out the underlying cluster. BigData analytics on Kubernetes has gained momentum in the last year or so. This mainly is helping customers to build their pipelines and workloads without worrying about where the workload would actually run. With deep expertise in BigData and Kubernetes, we are well positioned to help customers to realize their data potential while efficiently utilizing their hardware resources.


We provide smooth deployment, run and operational support for PrestoDB as well as PrestoSQL in production. We bring in 50 years of experience with distributed Databases and deep knowledge of Presto code base to tune your Presto cluster for your workloads. We can help with quick turnaround in case of production issues related to Presto Bugs, environment issues or deployment issues. For more please contact us: support@falarica.io


Organisations are dealing with enormous amounts of data. The opportunity is huge but challenges are daunting too. Incorrectly built data processes can not only create inefficiencies leading to high compute costs but also stop you from realising the full potential of data.

Data platforms, processes and pipelines have to be seen in a holistic manner rather than focusing only on problems at hand. The overwhelming choice of technologies and expertise required in using them inhibits organisations to build and adopt optimized data platforms and solutions in a swift manner.

The rich experience at Falarica can help clients bridge this gap so that they can focus on business problems.

Falarica can help you with

• Designing your enterprise data platform

• Design Data Lake on Cloud and on-prem

• Design end to end IoT platform

• Adoption of Cloud

• Help you in choosing the right technologies and design your sub-system for data storage, data computation, data archival, analytics workload, oltp workloads, streaming workloads etc

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